Just 3 easy steps, and all the icons are ready.

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That is why IconFly is the most powerful and universal application for generate many kinds of icons. Pick any targets and click Generate, and all the icons are ready. Change it or bring it up to a new level. It's easy. Save icons as iconset, appiconset, or etc.

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IconFly provides many ways to save icons. Moreover, now IconFly allows you to create icons for Android applications.

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You can save it directly to the Assets Catalog in your project and Appiconset is ready to use right after that without any additional changes. Appiconset created by IconFly is fully compatible with Xcode 6. Typically, to create icons using IconFly, you need to do three simple steps. QuickIcon is an innovative feature that allows you to make icons much more quickly, just in one click. It's true also for Android app icons and Web icons.

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Creating icons has never been so easy as using QuickIcon. Quite often there is a need to save the icons as separate images, especially if you are a blogger, journalist or just want to write reviews of some applications. Now you can quickly and easily save any icons as pictures with IconFly.

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IconFly allows you to save an icon as a single image or set of images starting from by px to by px in one of the following formats: Using IconFly, you can not only replace the images for any sizes, but also you can improve your icons using one of the six available masks, or one of the six available roundings. This function is available only for Mac icons. Gorgeous modern but user-friendly interface. Each element of the application has been carefully designed for Yosemite.

Retina compatible user interface looks amazing and IconFly creates retina compatible icons so your apps will always look gorgeous. The IconFly application is available in 7 different languages: We are always open to your suggestions on the improvement of existing ones or adding new localizations. If you want to inform us about any issues in IconFly localizations, please write us. If you want to help us localize IconFly in your language, please contact us.

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On this page, do the following:. With these features, your app icons will no longer bounce when they open and your open windows will minimize into the app icon itself, giving the dock a cleaner look. To make your dock look more aesthetically pleasing, use my previous guide on how to add blank spaces to your dock. Since there is no way to get rid of the Finder and Trash icons, I simply added two spaces on both ends of the dock, with four of my most used apps in the middle.

Obviously, feel free to add more apps and not use any spaces at all—it's all about preference and customization here—but I wanted my dock to be minimal, with the rest of my apps resting on the desktop instead.

While the left side of the menu bar isn't going to look much like the one on your iOS device, you can adjust the right side, where app icons and the date reside. This will improve colors and make it appear more like the IPS display on an iPhone. While this is purely optional, I made the cursor size the largest possible because I wanted it to be the equivalent of what a finger-press would look like on my iPhone.

While it's not officially a lock screen, you can mimic your iPhone's lock screen by adding an iOS-type screensaver to your Mac. Just follow Neil's guide , which provides the download links and everything you need to get the screensaver set up. While the steps above make your Mac look more like your iPhone, they don't bring the features from your mobile device to your desktop.

Whether you use some or all of the above tweaks, your Mac should now look and feel like iOS 8 on an iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch. Share your completed desktop with us below, and definitely let us know if you have any more tips and tricks for getting that iOS look and feel. Step 1: Share Your Thoughts Click to share your thoughts.

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