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Drag the lower triangle on the horizontal ruler to set where the first line of the paragraph starts. Left indent: Drag the lowest button situated immediately under the hanging indent triangle to adjust the left indent.

How to set 1 inch Margins in Word

Even with the rulers and Ribbon at their disposal, many users find it easier to adjust margins with a dialog. Follow these instructions to display the margin settings in the Document dialog:.

Set a margin less than 1 inch

You can type in exact values for the margins so that you can keep consistent margin values in all your documents. The Margins tab of the Document dialog is straightforward.

Set top and bottom margins

Enter decimal values for distances or use the spinner control next to the input fields. You need to know about the following other aspects of the Margins tab:.

Change the default margins of your Word 2007 documents

For example, if your organization requires all documents to have one-inch margins, you can set it once, and then make it the default setting for all new documents. Follow these steps to make the changes stick:. All new documents based on your document's template will have one-inch margins. If you need to temporarily change the margins to one of the standard choices — for example, two-inch left and right margins — follow these steps:.

Pages for Mac: Set margins in Pages

The left and right margins for the document you are currently working on will adjust to two inches. Check out the Microsoft Word archive , and catch up on our most recent Word tips.

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Smart farming: How IoT, robotics, and AI are tackling one of the biggest problems of the century. To set the margins for the entire document, do the following: From the Layout tab, locate the Page Setup panel Now click the small arrow in the bottom right of the Page Setup panel: You can also click the Margins item, and then Custom Margins from the menu that appears: The Margins dialogue box will appear, and look like this: The values to set are these: Whole Document When you're done, click OK.

To set a Tab stop, do the following: Still on Page Layout just Layout in later versions of Word , locate the Paragraph panel Click the small arrow in the bottom right of the Paragraph panel: Click the Tabs button in the bottom left to bring up the Tabs dialogue box: Click inside the text box next to "Default tab stops".

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