And even if I remap them, the keyboard would still have a qwerty layout, so it wouldn't be very handy.

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Other than that You can keep Your local keyboard layout but will have to manually customizing it, the thing is that I've read somewhere on the forums that MC 6 is not properly handling non US keyboards, an update is expected to fix this. You can plug an MC keyboard into Your laptop and use that for editing, or You may want to give a look at the keyboard skins from LogicKeyboard http: Barre de langue: Latest post Sun, Dec 18 2: Page 1 of 1 4 items. Sun, Dec 11 Changing qwerty tot azerty.

Enter Mouse Shortcut dialog opens. In the Click Count section, click a option to choose a Single Click or double-click. Hover your mouse pointer over the section Click Pad and click the desired mouse button.

Comment passer de Qwerty à Azerty ou vise versa Mac

Use Alt , Ctrl , and Shift modifiers for diversity. As you click, the Shortcut Preview field displays the suggested shortcut, and the Conflicts field displays warnings, if some of the shortcuts are already assigned to the other actions. Click OK or Press Enter to create a shortcut and bind it with an action.

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If a conflict is reported, a warning message appears. You can choose one of the following options:. Remove to remove all other bindings and preserve the new one.

Configuring keyboard shortcuts

Leave to preserve all bindings including the new one. Cancel to return to the keymap definition. Although you can ignore conflict and bind a shortcut with several actions, it is strictly recommended to avoid binding two actions with the same shortcut, because the order of performing such actions is not defined.

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  • Predefined keymaps do not cover every possible platform, version, and configuration. Try out the key combinations that you use and make necessary adjustments.

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    Also, make sure that function keys are enabled on your system and check the following:. All user-defined keymaps are stored in separate configuration files under the keymaps subdirectory in the PhpStorm profile directory:. For these codes, you must make sure you use the Alt key on the right side of the keyboard.


    If you wish to simulate a non U. The format is to hold the first two keys down simultaneously, release, then type the vowel you wish to be accented. For the Template, the symbol "V" means any vowel. Release both keys then type lowercase o. Example 2: Release all both keys then type capital O. The layout is used in many French speaking countries because it also supports other French characters. See the Keyboards section to learn how to activate them in each platform.