Do you have any comments on this topic? Please share it with us in the comment area. Phone Transfer. Launch the Notes app on your computer. Select "Notes" from the dropdown menu at the top of the screen and select "Accounts". In the accounts section you will be able to select which email accounts you want to share with your Notes app.

How to Transfer Notes from iPhone to Mac Freely?

Log into your iCloud account using your Apple ID not your iCloud account , and allow the computer to sync notes from your iPhone. Once you are logged in, you will be able to sync notes with your computer running Mac OS X. Method II: Just read this site every day to see what they can get up to. The myriad with no issues don't post about it.

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Many users are also in search of solutions without any cloud because they are working on sensitive information. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. In the first method, we will sync the iPhone notes that are stored on the email account with Mac. From here, you can select the email account where your notes are stored. Simply log-in to your account using the right credentials. Once it is done, System Preferences will ask you to select the apps you wish to use with the account. If you only wish to export a handful of notes from your iPhone to Mac, then you can also follow this approach.

Three Ways to Back Up iPhone Notes without iCloud

In this, we will manually email the note to ourselves. Firstly, go to the Notes app on your device and view the note that you wish to export. Tap on the share icon, which is located on the top. Now, just provide your own email id and send the mail.

How to AUTO SYNC Photos, Contacts, Notes, Calendar Between iPhone, MAC, PC, iPad, iPod

Later, you can access the mail on your Mac and extract the note. With every new iOS version, Apple comes with tons of advanced features for the Notes app as well. Here are some interesting ways to make the most of the Notes app on your iPhone. We all use notes on our iPhone to store sensitive and frequently used information like bank details, ATM pin, personal details, etc. To keep these notes safe, you can simply lock them. Just launch a note you wish to lock and tap on the share icon. The note will be locked and can only be unlocked by Touch ID or the respective password.

If you frequently create lots of notes, then you should implement this technique to manage your notes. Apple allows us to create folders and sub-folders for notes. Just go to the notes folder and drag one note or folder over another. In this way, you can create nested notes and manage your data in a better way. As you know, you can also attach images, drawings, etc.

2 Feasible Methods to Safely Transfer iPhone Notes to Mac

To access them together, tap on the four-square icon on the bottom of the notes interface. This will display all the attachments in one place so that you can easily manage them. Now when you know how to sync notes from iPhone to Mac, you can always keep your important data handy. Also, you can use dr. It is a remarkable tool that can be used to backup and restore your content without any trouble.

Go ahead and download this useful tool and never lose your important files again. Copy all data from a phone with one click when switching to a new phone, like contacts, messages, photos, etc.